Corporate drive. Business results. Human intention.

With over 12 years of corporate experience, people leadership, project management, process efficiency, training, facilitating and 7-figure budget management, Sarah has worn many hats. The greatest part of it all, is that she has taken this experience and translated it into her own business and management consultant platform.  A powerful speaker, potent writer and tenacious business woman, it's not even on Sarah's radar to think small, play small or produce small. She takes her ideas to reality with speed, efficiency and sustainability because to Sarah, not producing what's on her heart feels like a disservice. She'll tell you though, as she sits in her home office there is one thing she misses deeply about the corporate world; the dynamic energy of an executive boardroom.  Perhaps it was the high of knowing that one statement could influence the entire trajectory of a multi-billion dollar organization, or the adrenaline that would flow while presenting a business case, not knowing if it would win or lose. She may work in yoga pants and comfy sweaters now, but the moment she adorns a blazer and a set of power pumps, the corporate energy comes flooding back. Business coaching and consulting is her jam.

Sarah's secret formula simple:


Easier said than done, right? Yeah...she knows! She's been there and still embeds this same formula into her everyday life to continue to bring her ever-growing vision to life to it's fullest capacity. That's exactly why she can help you, too. She teaches what she knows and because she believes wholeheartedly in collaboration, she seeks out the highest calibre men & women with knowledge and expertise to compliment her services.

If you want to see Sarah's head spin 360 degrees, do one of two things:

1) Tell her you have an idea but don't think you can pull it off. 

2) Run your business with blinders on that block solutions for efficiency and growth

It pains her to see women not believe in themselves and rob themselves of earning a passion fuelled income. This is the precise reason, why outside of building her own empire, Sarah works with women to bring their vision to life and make money in the process.

Sarah Swain is the Founder, Visionary & Creator of The Great Canadian Woman platform that boasts a 5-star podcast, wilderness retreats, an annual summit, a book series currently in production and the newly released Canadian lifestyle & small business blog www.thegreatcanadianwoman.ca.


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