Hosted by Sarah, Founder of the Great Canadian Woman in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario in October, 2019. Think about this full weekend women's event as a pivotal point in your life's trajectory.  Find a way to get there.

Early Bird Pricing is on now and ticket price increases by $20 on the 1st of every month. The earlier you invest in yourself, the more you save.  Don't wait! Get your tickets HERE !



The event itself has been structured so that you can personalize your experience.  You may be attending with the intention of enhancing your business or your career, or you may be attending to discover your life's purpose, or to lead a happier & healthier lifestyle. The breakout sessions are designed for you to create the optimal experience for yourself, by attending sessions by speakers that speak to your needs. It's not a one size fits all event, because everyone in attendance is coming for their own reasons!

The Great Canadian Woman Summit will also have a private marketplace for attendees only!  You'll get to meet local Canadian vendors and merchants and discover their products.   There will be anything from soaps, to jewelry, to wine, to books, to delicious food for you to purchase while supporting local Canadian businesses.


The purpose of this event is to provide a space and experience that enables you to ascend into the next level of your life.  it is designed to ignite the fire in your belly, make you realize what is possible, build unshakeable belief in yourself then go set your world on fire with your passion.  The speakers have been chosen based on their areas of expertise, their zones of genius, and the spectrum of content.  

Your perspective will change.  Your life will shift. It's time for you to get off the assembly line of life, and start designing it yourself.


meet the speakers!

These powerful Canadian women are linking arms in 2019 and coming together to deliver the most powerful, thought provoking and life changing content you have ever experienced. Each woman brings her own area of expertise and will speak from their zone of genius, which I like to call - The Vortex.

More speakers to be added to the panel by the end of November 2018! Stay tuned to see who is selected!


ky-lee hanson

Founder & Owner at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

marsha vanwynsberghe

Thought Leader & 6X Best Selling Author

cassie jeans

Podcast Host, Poet, Real Life Earth Angel & Published Author

Angela Furfaro

Strength & Transformation Coach

Sabrina greer

Best Selling Author, Podcast Host & Creator at @ygtmama

Tanya conner-green

Coach to BADASS Ladypreneurs



Samantha Kris, Montreal CEP, TedX Speaker

International Success Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker

Michaela Alexi


The Great Canadian Woman Summit

Raising Canada's frequency, one woman at a time

To live intentionally means to live with purpose, on purpose.  From the moment we are born, we are inadvertently placed on an assembly line that moves us through life, taking us to all of the points expected of us (in no particular order...👇🏼

  • Birth
  • Education
  • Job
  • Marriage
  • Kids
  • House
  • 30 year career
  • Retirement
  • Death

When we choose logic over trust and ignore our Soul's calling by making every effort to meet everyone else's expectations, we LOWER our energetic vibration.  And when we lower our vibration, we in turn pull the energy down around us, too.

In turn, when we listen to what it truly is we want in life and have the courage to act on it, we RAISE our vibration and when we raise our own vibration, we raise the frequency of our surroundings, too.

It's not only our purpose, it's our responsibility.

Sarah Swain, Visionary of The Great Canadian Woman

Sarah Swain, Visionary of The Great Canadian Woman

Only Your can change your life. no one can do that for you.

  • Here is a clue about 2019.  More tickets were sold in 3 days after the 2018 summit than in the 5 months leading up to it. The women who attended the first annual summit couldn'twait to get their hands on the 2019 Summit passes and tell all of their friends about it!  They know what's up because they EXPERIENCED it...and it only gets better, stronger and more powerful as we go.
  • Think GRAND when you envision the 2019 Great Canadian Woman Summit.  Visualize an and indoor/outdoor venue lush with orange, yellow and red leaves for hundreds of miles as the backdrop.
  • Think oversized socks, cozy plaid blankets, mittens, warm cider and campfires. 
  • Think MARKETPLACE with local goods, craftsmanship, craft beer & wine.
  • Think paid guest experts sharing their wealth of knowledge, guidance and empowerment
  • Think local eats, treats and live entertainment in the evening (included, Saturday)
  • Think outdoor excursions like kayaking, canoeing & hiking because nature's playground will be right outside your door for you to enjoy in your free time.
  • Think BREAKOUT sessions during Main Stage Intermission so you can tailor your experience by attending speaker's that talk on where you desire to expand your life 
  • Think mindful yoga, BUTI Yoga and meditation...
    Think MASSIVE personal transformation
  • Think BRAND elevation & visibility 
  • Think community, networking, new friendships and collaborative partnerships

You see what I see?  Good. 😍 COME!


Feedback from the 2018 summit attendees


Kathy C

"Attending the 2018 Life Intentionally Summit was a personal growth HIGHLIGHT of my year! How does one articulate what it means to connect with beautiful women from all across our country!  Powerful. Liberating. Moving. Electric!  FUN! I made connections with women who I will never forget. Connections that will impact me forever. I witnessed women making self-discoveries that will impact them for life. Being part of the Summit has moved me forward in my own journey  and has cemented my resolve to live out my PURPOSE!  Can't wait for Summit 2019!!!!"


Cassie J

"It was life changing. Being surrounded by that many Canadian women who were ready, open and willing to create their life with passion and intensity was one of the most beautiful things to witness to date. So excited for next year! It is time to put ourselves on the map women leaders!"

Kiki C

"It was a gathering of women who all share the same common goals: to want more for themselves, to go within, and to connect with each other."


"Being a speaker at The Life Intentionally Summit was a great honour. I not only had the pleasure of inspiring a room full of passionate women from a place of deep and venerable self-awareness, I was able to grow myself. The panel was amazing, the setting was lovely, and the genuine acceptance of the room was inviting. Friendships were made, businesses born, careers blossomed. I can't wait for next year's event!"

I've seen enough! Time for tickets!

Vanessa Z

"Sarah is a powerhouse. Brilliant, beautiful and astonishingly fabulous at her craft. She has an ability to touch your soul. She will support you and uplift you. Her passion to see others rise, shines through with everything she does. 2018 Summit was a delight - can only see this summit expanding and getting better!"

Aimee B

"Recently, I attended Sarah’s first annual Life Intentionally Summit and the whole event was one breakthrough moment after another. Sarah, a powerhouse of a speaker and leader, uses her own experience of owning her power and creating the life she deserves to live to inspire and guide others to do the work, to manifest their dreams, and create their best version of their life too."


Tania M

"The Life Intentionally Summit was by far one of the best things to happen for me this year. It played a key role in helping me further awaken to my calling, my purpose, and confront the shitshow that was my life and really own it. Shortly after the summit, instead of baby stepping it and going part time at corporate job, I just chose to leap and quit it so I can focus on my business and my calling full-time! Life can change for you if you let it, as Sarah says. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this summit and meet a sisterhood of likeminded women. Women are in need of healing, empowerment, love, and kindness, and all of that is present at the LIT summit. Sarah is truly a Godsend for Canadian women in business!"


"Being at the Summit shifted my perspective on LIFE! It gave me vision, and the ability to see the potential for creating the life of my dreams, which is exactly what I did when I got home!"


"It is hard to describe the incredible, positive atmosphere created at the Life Intentional Summit 2018. Women of all ages gathered in a wonderful space to listen to women speakers who had listened to their own soul and found joy in sharing their insight and discovery. Women listening felt the empowerment and support . New friends were made, contacts exchanged. Very worthwhile experience."

gimme all the tickets!

Barb M

"Attending the 2018 Life Intentionally Summit was literally life-changing for me. I was able to meet, in the flesh, women that I’d grown to love and trust over the past year. I had connections to new friends and had “a-ha” moments listening to EVERY presenter. It was a “girl’s weekend away” with a higher purpose.